2023 World Humanist Congress Travel Grants Program

The World Humanist Congress
Humanists International can offer a limited number of grants to help Members and Associates in developing countries to send delegates to the 2023 World Humanist Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark from 3 to 6 August.

About the grants
The grants are given to organizations, not to individuals. Grants will cover up to 75% of the travel costs to Denmark and the accommodation in Copenhagen from 3 to 6 August (3 nights). 

The remaining share, and any other associated costs, will be met by the delegate or their organization. 

Who can apply?
Only Members or Associates of Humanists International can apply for the grants. Grants will be awarded only to applicants from developing countries. (The list of developing countries in 2020 is available in the “United Nations’ World Economic Situation and Prospects” (Table C, page 166): hmnts.in/2020-UN-developing-countries)

It is a requirement that neither the applicant nor the organization they represent can afford to cover the full cost of the travel and accommodation.  

IMPORTANT: Visa requirement for payment of travel grant
Please notice that a strict requirement for the payment of the awarded travel grant is to have obtained a valid Schengen visa for Denmark: https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/denmark-visa/
Humanists International will support the visa application by sending an official invitation letter to all awarded delegates. However, awarded delegates (or their organizations) are responsible themselves for the visa application process and for any other visa requirements. 

NB: Prior to making any payment of the awarded travel grant, Humanists International strictly needs to receive an official proof that the visa has been obtained by the awarded organization.

IMPORTANT: Attendance requirement
Delegates are expected to attend all events organized by Humanists International and Danish Humanist Society from the 3 to 6 August 2023. [Program].
For this reason, please carefully plan your trip to Copenhagen, booking your inbound flights before 3 August and your outbound flight after 6 August.

IMPORTANT: COVID-19 travel checks
It is the responsibility of delegates to check all travel documents needed to access to Denmark, including any COVID-19 vaccination or test certificates: um.dk/en/travel-and-residence/coronavirus-covid-19 

Application procedures and timetable
1. Application period (7 December 2022 - 30 January 2023)

All Members and Associates of Humanists International can apply for travel grants using this form.
The deadline for all applications is 30 January 2023 at 12AM (GMT). Applications received after this date might be accepted by the Travel Grant Committee, at its sole discretion. 

2. Award, agreements, invitation letters (13 February - 28 February 2023) 

Humanists International will evaluate all applications equally and will announce the award of the grants by 13 February. Only one delegate per organization can be awarded a travel grant, and applications with unrealistic and very high expenses are less likely to be selected by the Committee. 

At that point, Humanists International sends to the awarded organizations an agreement to be signed by both parties. The awarded organizations have to read and sign the agreement before 28 February, sending it back to grants@humanists.international. Once all agreements have been received, Humanists International and the Danish Humanist Society will send invitation letters to all grant recipients. 

3. Visa application (by 31 May 2023) 

The awarded organization has to apply for a visa as soon as possible, given that the visa procedures are usually long and complicated. In the past years, some awardees could not actually use the grant because of visa rejection. All information about how to obtain a visa for Denmark can be found on the website of their Ministry of Foreign Affairs: applyvisa.um.dk/ 

Once a visa to Denmark has been obtained, grant recipients have to send proof of the visa to Humanists International. Only after that, Humanists International will release the full grant to the bank account indicated in the application form.

Once the funds are received, the delegates should swiftly book their flight and accommodation.

4. Attendance (3-6 August 2023)

As already underlined above, the person awarded with the grant is expected to attend all events organized by Humanists International and Danish Humanist Society from 3-6 August 2023. After the event, Humanists International will contact this person for feedback on their experience.

5 December:
Registration starts

30 January:
Deadline for applications for travel grants

28 February:
Discounted early registration (early bird) ends

1 April:
Deadline for cancellations with refund

3 May:
Registration starts for pre-congress events and parallel sessions

31 July -3 August:
Pre-congress activities

4-6 August
World Humanist Congress 2023