Centrally located, contemporary hotel with impressive views of the Lakes and Copenhagen skyline. The venue is located centrally in Copenhagen and in walking distance to the main train station and cultural sights.

If you wish to stay at the hotel during World Humanist Congress 2023, please book and pay your accommodation through the registration site. Rooms are available from August 02-07, 2023. If you need extra nights or other room types, please email

Price in single room from: DKK 1.245 including breakfast and VAT.

Price in double room from: DKK 1.495 including breakfast and VAT.

About the venue

Don't let the comfy beds make you skip your workout routine. Lace-up your shoes and head to the gym or go for a run outdoors. You can also sometimes find a bike or walking poles to borrow, ask in the reception if you'd like to explore the area.

Of course, you get free Wi-Fi at Scandic. Here (and probably at your place) the Wi-Fi is as obvious as the pillow. No codes or hassles needed.